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How much our services cost

Have you ever got your hair done and were crazy in love with it… until you got home and had to recreate what the stylist did. Well that’s happened to Brianne too.  So she has built in as part of her service to show you the right techniques and what products to use for your new do, so you can be salon polished every day.


Staying current with the latest trends and techniques ensures Brianne will deliver the desired hair cut and style.  Time is taken to create the perfect result to compliment your profile and skin tone.  With the latest techniques in her tool belt she prides herself on creating highly pleasing results.

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Service Short Medium Long
Womans Wash/Cut $40 $45 $50
Mens Wash/Cut $15 $20  
Buzz $15    
Root Fill $40 $50 $60
Top Foils $40 $45 $50
Half Head Foils $60 $65 $70
Full Head Foils $80 $85 $90
Bleach Out $60 $80 $100
Toning $20 $25 $30
Ombre $80 $100 $120
Wash/Style $25 $35 $45
Treatment $30 $40 $50
Additional Colour $15    
Color Correction $80+++    
Extension Removal $50+++  

* Tape-in, Clip-in,and Keratin Bond Hair Extensions Priced on Consultation

Special Colour Services Consultation
Custom neon color creations and Extension colouring *Priced on length and Product Choice



“Embellish Studio is by far my favourite place to go and get my hair done. I like to change my hair colour often and that is never a problem,
whatever I want gets done and it always turns out great!”

~ Julia Dykens